Havanese Puppies

Page last updated    01/02/2019

We do not have any puppies currently available, and are not planning any other puppies until later in 2019.  Although our/ puppies are of high quality and we only breed for the show ring, we cannot keep them all and  offer our puppies as pets (on limited register) ONLY.   Limited register means they are not for breeding or showing. 

All our puppies come with everything to give them a good start in life with their new families, including:

  • Microchipping
  • Full vaccination - no need to vaccinate for another 12 months
  • Current worming
  • Written health certification from a qualified vet
  • Lead and collar
  • Toy to play with
  • Travel crate to ensure your puppy travel homes safely
  • Blanket with the smell of the other puppies – this will help the puppy to settle
  • Sample food the puppy has been eating
  • Registration papers from DOGS NSW ( on limited register).  This means the puppy is offered on the condition it is NOT to be used for breeding and is to be desexed/neutered.
  • DNA profiling
  • Documents on the care of the puppy
  • Book on raising puppies
  • Lifetime breeder support - we will not abandon you once you buy a puppy. We provide ongoing support for the life of your dog and help you with any questions you may have on the Havanese breed.

We have provided lots of information about Havanese on our website. If there is anything you are not sure about, regarding Havanese, please feel free to give us a call.  We have a genuine interest in the Havanese breed and have been long-time supporters of promoting testing within the breed. 

I feel it is important to be able to select a puppy which is likely to fit their owners needs. Most people would not buy a car because it was the nicest colour; yet many people buy a puppy because it has the ‘best markings’.  We temperament test our puppies, which provides an indication of their traits.  This helps determine which puppy is best suited to their new family.  The traits of a puppy suited to an inactive older person in an apartment, is different to the traits of a puppy required for an active family or agility competition. The environment the puppy is raised will also have an impact on their behaviours.  We are not a ‘puppy farm’ and we do not breed for profit; it is our goal to ensure our puppies are placed with a family that has the ‘best fit’.

There is no breed specific health testing policy for the Havanese, however we choose to test our dogs to improve the standard of the breed and enabling wiser breeding choices to be made.  We perform DNA Profiling on all of our adults and puppies. When buying a Havanese puppies be sure to ask as many questions of the breeder as you need to ensure you are receiving a healthy puppy from a breeder who has a genuine interest in the breed.


















We have been members of DOGS NSW for over 25 years and follow the ethical breeders code of conduct. (DOGS NSW member 2000654250




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