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Getting a purebred Havanese must have taken some great thought and finding a responsible breeder even more time consuming. As responsible breeders we take a lot of our time, money and emotions in to every litter. We hope the information on our website has been helpful.

Puppy Questionnaire - for puppy reservations please include the following information in your  request :

  1.  Short information about you and your family

  2.  Where are you from (state, city) and your contact details (email , phone number )

  3.  How many adults/children in the home – do you ALL agree to have a Havanese?

  4.  Do you live in a house or an apartment?

  5.  Do you own pet(s) now and/or previously? What kind ?

  6.  What type of activities do you intend to do with your dog ?

  7.  What attracted you to Havanese ?

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